Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Simple essentials #7: a nicely stocked drinks cupboard

I say 'cupboard' because we don't have a cabinet. Actually, we have a shelf inside a cupboard. And I say 'nicely stocked' because well-stocked means you end up with strange things like advocaat and so on that nobody either likes or remembers how it got there in the first place.

The sun came out on Saturday and I felt the urge for a G and T. We had neither. So I went and bought some, along with a lime. There were several temptingly expensive-looking bottles but I just went for the tried and trusted variety. Fortunately we already had ice cubes in the freezer.

I drank my G and T through a straw and it almost felt like summer.

Some occasions call for certain types of drinks. I'm not much of a drinker but now and then I want something - a bottle of Corona or San Miguel on a hot day, or mulled wine on a cold winter's evening. Celebrations (or just feeling a bit frivolous) mean prosecco or cava - I'm not one of those who insists on champagne. Although it is nice, obviously. Outdoor parties and barbecues need Pimms. With fruit and cucumber and mint.

People occasionally give us wine, which we accept out of politeness (neither of us being wine drinkers). If we don't pass it on we'll maybe cook with it. Ditto cider. I did pork steaks with cider and mustard on Sunday evening and very nice it was too, served with creamy mash and spring greens.

Some things sit in the cupboard forever - whisky, marsala, an unopened bottle of sloe gin, some poisonous-looking absinthe. There are so many bottles of Baileys too from Christmases past. And a huge bottle of Martini which may well stay there for eternity.

But as long as we have the few things we like it's fine. I won't be letting us run dry of gin again in a hurry.


  1. Let me just add gin to my shopping list.
    I really like vermouth/martini as a substitute for white wine in cooking because unlike you I find it difficult to save my wine for cooking.

    1. Thanks for the tip - maybe I can use it up that way.
      You must look more sophisticated at the checkout with your wine. Buying gin and nappies together brought the term 'Mother's ruin' to mind...

  2. He! He! We have a number of bottles lurking at the back of the cupboard and neither of us can remember where they came from! And DON'T drink the absinthe, it's lethal! But a G and T or Pimms sounds very nice!

    1. The absinthe's covered in dust and I think it's inherited from a trip Jay took to Prague as a single young man... I daren't go anywhere near it. The colour's quite sinister and hallucinations are the last thing I'm looking for at the moment!


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