Saturday, 20 April 2013

Nature in the home

This week, for Nature in the Home, I'm going nautical. We have jars of shells in the house (I always bring a few back from the beach after a holiday). And on Thursday I bought Joe two secondhand books: an old Observer guide to the seaside and a Ladybird one on the same subject.

I've also been making him a mobile for his room. It has sea creatures and shells suspended from a dried starfish (one of three I brought home from Nantucket back in 2005). 

I mentioned wanting Joe to know about and appreciate nature in this post. No doubt he'll be fascinated by the shells when he's a bit bigger. In the meantime they look nice in the house - as do the starfish. And I can't wait for the summer for a trip to the coast (and an opportunity to add a few more finds to the jar).


  1. you think we'll get some summer then ?? only joking, all these wise old country men the newspapers seem to have access to are saying that it will be a scorcher. lets hope they are right ! i spent the whole of last summer in Fairfield and missed all the rain. we could all do with some sun eh ? how are you getting on with crochet ? if you wanted and could get here i could show you how to get started...
    love susan

  2. So cold isn't it? We were out this morning and I regretted not taking a coat with me (yesterday's sunshine must have fooled me into thinking things were on the up).
    Haven't had a chance to attempt any more crochet as I have so many (unfinished) projects on the go... I'll definitely let you know if we'll be over your way any time soon and thankyou for the very kind offer :)


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