Monday, 18 March 2013

Simple essentials #4: a notebook

Or many notebooks. Because notebooks are a weakness of mine. There are lots of them secreted around the house - in handbags, drawers, wedged between books on the shelves.

I can never resist having a look when I'm in Waterstones, John Lewis or anywhere else selling them. From what I've read, stationery is something lots of people buy when they don't actually need any. I'm the same when it comes to herbal tea and jute shopping bags.

The reason I class notebooks as a necessity is that I'm a great list maker. It's one of those things that helps me feel organised and almost in control. Lists ensure I don't forget things - washing powder or butter or coffee. 

I have a special notebook which is for blog ideas. When I'm out walking with Joe I have all kinds of ideas. Or the beginnings of ideas. They're written down when I get home before they disappear.

Here's a list of lists I make and where they go:

Observations and ideas: blog notebook (squared paper - my favourite)
Meals for the week and the food needed to cook them: red spotty notebook
Appointments and engagements: diary
Internet passwords and user names: diary
'To do' lists: blackboard (in the kitchen)
Favourite things: small notebook with birds on the cover.

I used to scribble things down on scraps of paper then lose them. They'd re-emerge months later and I'd stare at them thinking, 'Eh?'

When I was working, to-do lists were my saviour. I'd write one each afternoon before I went home in readiness for the next day. Which meant I got to finish for the day with a clear mind and go to bed without worrying I'd forget something important.

I don't buy notebooks any more. I've started using the ones which I considered 'too nice' to write in. If I carry on I may not need to buy another for a good few years. Now all I need to do is drink all that herbal tea.


  1. I'm also an obsessive list maker, I have to be though as I am incredibly forgetful! I love the idea of a chalkboard in the kitchen too, I was looking at an earlier post and yours looks lovely as well as being super organised.

    1. Thank you! It was cheaper than getting a plasterer in to smooth the wall out. Just a piece of MDF and a pot of blackboard paint - we use it all the time. It's a good project for a wet weekend :)

  2. Lists and notebooks abound in my house. I like handwritten lists and lists on my phone. I've just found this interesting project at Meet Me At Mike's. I'm thinking of doing something similar myself. But first I must buy myself a lovely new notebook.

  3. Please do! There's just something about them isn't there? Even the smell...
    Just had a quick look at the project. I've never seen that site before but thanks, I think I may have to spend some time there later - there's a tutorial for crocheted granny squares which I've always wanted to try making.


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