Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Five things

These flowers - the only splash of colour I could spot in the park yesterday morning. I like blossom on bare branches. It always looks oriental somehow.

These shadows (dried allium heads on the windowsill) as the sun came through early in the day.

These brochures. I'm planning a trip to the Cornerhouse - an old haunt - with a friend. We're going to see a film but can't decide what yet. The cafe's good too (as is the shop).

These seedlings. They're shooting up already. Hopefully the spring will arrive soon and they can go outside to get used to the weather. The sweet peas haven't made an appearance yet. Neither have the chillies Jay planted.

This creative hedging surrounding a house. It's on one of my favourite walks - I took Joe yesterday and the sun was out. You go down a lane with big 1920s houses overlooking a golf course. They have leaded windows and beautiful proportions and remind me of Enid Blyton books.

When you round the corner it's so quiet you can only hear the birds singing (and the occasional hum of a lawnmower somewhere). I think I'm more of a 'leafy suburbs' type than a city lover. But I do love a short break somewhere exciting. Dream destinations: Copenhagen, New York, Reykjavik, Seattle...

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