Monday, 25 February 2013

Frustrated creative

Yes, I'm one of those. 

I've always been creatively inclined (maths and science lessons were extremely frustrating for me) and at school and university I was quite the artist. In fact, much to my disbelief a few pieces I did were stolen from the art studios. Yes, I'm still bitter.

I excelled at writing, languages, drawing, painting... so how come I ended up working as an office drone for so long? I'd put it down to bad advice (creative jobs are too hard to land, train as a teacher instead etc.), a complete lack of careers guidance whilst a student, and a huge lack of self confidence.

I've come close a couple of times. I worked as a florist for a badly-paid year. I loved working with colours, textures, prefume. Sadly, my terrible employer put me off that choice of vocation. Not too many years ago I studied for (and achieved) a diploma in interior design. I even had business cards printed out and pricing structures sorted (despite my bad maths). But then - crisis of confidence.

I've worked in lots of unfulfilling jobs. I don't have the option of staying home with Joe. So I'm looking for work. It would be a massive achievement to earn a living doing something creative. My list of creative interests and pursuits includes cooking, baking, gardening, sewing, knitting, writing, blogging (of course), photography, drawing... and I'm starting a ceramics course in April.

The realistic view is that I could maybe supplement my income by making things, or writing about them. We sell a few cards locally but it's hardly lucrative. In fact we just about break even.

Jay's just started a carpentry course with a career change in mind. It's time to figure it all out and find a way of enjoying - even being excited about - work. A creative outlet is important to me. Making it pay is what I - and no doubt many others - dream about.

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