Saturday, 2 February 2013

Farm shopping

Today was so bright and sunny (the forecast actually got it right!) that we decided to head out and honour our pledge to buy fruit, veg and meat from small independent suppliers. We opted for west Lancashire so we could fit in a visit to some relatives. And there are a lot of farm shops out there.

We drove down the charmingly-named Low Courage Lane to Toogood Farm Shop. It was our first visit and it was quite impressive - not one of those chilly, no-frills farm shops but not one of those which markets itself as 'artisan' (and marks up its prices accordingly) either.

There was lots to choose from inside - plenty of fruit and veg as well as bread, free range meat, herbs and spices, cakes, snacks... They also had locally grown flowers, and I bought some daffodils and pussy willow.

Some things I liked the look of but suspected they'd end up shrivelled and shrunken at the back of the cupboard.

There were lots of eggs, and you didn't have to look far to see where they'd come from...

The staff were friendly too - when they saw my camera they suggested I go in the barn and photograph the cows. 

They were far from camera shy. I couldn't resist patting their wet noses.

We'll definitely be paying a return visit sometime.

Later, we went for a walk around Croston. It's a village I used to drive through when I was in my fourth year at university doing my PGCE and living back at home. It was a bit of a commute but I always enjoyed it - especially when I wasn't stuck behind a tractor, dodging falling carrots.

I felt quite nostalgic. And we had to indulge in chips for lunch. The chip shop's apparently the best for miles so we were duty bound to give it a try (it was salad for tea. Never mind).

I miss Lancashire. These visits are necessary.

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