Thursday, 28 February 2013


At last! The hellebores are coming through in the back garden. We have a shady bed which most plants hate but some seem to thrive in, hellebores being one. I love them - especially the mauve or blackish-purple coloured ones. 

My favourite colour combinations at this time of year are white (snowdrops), mauve and acid green - euphorbia and catkins tick the boxes here. Snakeshead fritillaries, 'trendy' a few years back, are also on my list.

I've always, always wanted a Magnolia Stellata but that will have to wait until we find our forever house. At least magnolias will be in flower soon so I can go out with the pram and peer enviously into other people's gardens. I did that today actually. The sun was out again.

Crocuses have never held much appeal for me. I always see them in parks and on verges looking a bit worse for wear, as though they've been ravaged and trodden on. But today I spotted some growing under a hedge, fully opened out and looking quite sturdy and cheerful like little yellow stars. If you could get them in mauve or lime I'd actually consider buying some bulbs...

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