Sunday, 13 January 2013

Out and about

It was freezing last night and we woke up to a heavy frost. The weather over Christmas was so dismal that any opportunity we get to go out for a long walk, we go for it. Today we headed to Dunham Massey - a stately home and deer park in a National Trust-owned village and estate.

We wrapped up warm and bundled Joe into his snowsuit. I avoided the gift shop (too much temptation) but succumbed to a hot coffee - you can watch the swans while you wait in the queue. It wasn't too long today but there were people buying ice cream. Yes, really.

The deer are usually timid but today most of them were dozing and didn't seem bothered by all the passers-by photographing them.

You may be wondering why I don't put many photos of Joe on my blog. I will (occasionally) but if you're curious, he has a blog of his own. His dad put it together when he was born so friends and family could see him. It's also a nice way to chart his daily progress. You're welcome to take a look here if you like - he really does exist!

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