Thursday, 3 January 2013


I've already mentioned I'm a bit of a decluttering freak. Today I decided to sort out some paperwork.

I keep all my stuff (bank letters, car documents, payslips, receipts etc) in two of those expanding files. The black ones with manila concertina-style insides and a little briefcase handle on the top. They close with a satisfying click.

Except mine don't. One of the files is falling apart and neither of them close any more. They're stuffed to bursting. Or at least, they were. Because today I devoted a few hours to thinning them out. Although everything was filed by subject, I had old car insurance policy documents, leaflets, utility bills - even my original student loan application forms dating back to 1996. 

The pile of Destroy/Recycle paperwork was huge. And I don't own a shredder. So anything with personal or bank details was torn up, taken outside and burnt. We had quite a nice time actually (despite the eye sting and reek of smoke). 

I'd say that my paperwork was reduced by a good 75%. Which meant the broken file could be thrown away and the OK one now closes properly.

I can't tell you how something so small and - yes, dull - makes you feel so pleased with yourself. But it does. And it freed up a valuable bit of space in our little house. My next decluttering project? There are many. Watch this space...

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